Our showrooms

Montréal - Toronto - NYC

Each brand is showcased individually in one of our state of the art showrooms. We ensure a unique customer experience in a warm, modern and professional environment, a one stop shop, from Premium to Contemporary to Mainstream.

Our team

We employ more than 60 people, all passionate and creative individuals that come together as a team of unique, energetic and extraordinary vision. We believe that vitality rhymes with stability and youth compliments experience. Our motivated team has multiple levels of experience, knowledge and understanding in business, strategic distribution, selling, marketing, merchandising and client support.

Our motto: building success

Success cannot be left to chance, it must be built. For this reason, our employees are just as important as our customers and the brands we represent. From sales and distribution to logistics and marketing, every team member has a vital role to play. Their loyalty and commitment make them your best ambassadors on the market.

The Eurostyle difference

Our marketing and distribution strategies have played a determining role in the success of our reputable brands.

Our partners know their product. We know the market.